Tuesday, September 13, 2011

You're Up

It has almost been a full week since I started student teaching at the elementary school. Today I taught a fitness unit to the second and first grade classes. The second grade class went very well. My voice was commanding and I finished right on time when teaching to the class. I missed a few parts on my lesson close such as reminding the students to bring sneakers and having the students recite the "Bigger, Faster, Stronger" quote they use for students to stay active. My host teacher reminded me to use language that the students can understand, as I was still using words that the students may not have understood.

The first grade class was much more difficult to teach. Both teachers were involved in different situations with students so I took the lead and taught the class again. The classes showed up late and the lesson did not start until the half way point of the class. I taught the lesson the same way I taught the second grade. I had first-graders jumping rope without any progressions or lead up activities first. This posed a problem since about one in every three students was jumping over their rope. Classroom management was difficult as well since the students do not see me as an authority figure yet. I desisted students which took away from the lesson time. For the future I have to remember to talk or desist those students when the task has begun. This way no time is taken away from the lesson.

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