Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Safety First

Today I learned a valuable lesson of why equipment should be checked before it is used. While setting up the different fitness centers across the gymnasium, my host teacher began to practice chin-ups on the bar. When he went to perform the chin-up, the bar came off of the wall and hit him in the head. Thankfully, he was not seriously hurt. The most important thing is that he checked the equipment first before students used it. If a student had gotten hurt he could have been found responsible for negligence. This showed me that you should always check the gymnasium for any safety hazards that could result in students becoming injured.
We also had our open house tonight as well. A majority of the parents visited the classroom teachers, with only a few parents stopping in the Physical Education office. My host teacher was prepared for any questions the parents had and was able to explain the curriculum to the parents. During this time I learned the proper way to set-up a grade book. My host teacher wrote any medical conditions the student may have next to their name in the book. This way if a substitute teacher comes in, they can visibly see the health issues a student may have.

After he showed me how to do his grade book, I did the other teacher's grade books, along with the music teacher's book. I did not mind doing this, and when you help others out, they are more likely to help you out in the future. This can help a Physical Education program expand because other teachers may help you out like you helped them out.

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