Friday, September 9, 2011

sNOw Day

Yesterday on September 8th, we did not have school due to excessive flooding in the surrounding areas.  Today the students were on a C day.  The school goes on an A, B, C, D, E, F days so the skipping of the B day was confusing for some.  This meant that the students in class today had already done the first day routines, so we started our fitness unit.

All of the classes with the exception of Kindergarten were using jump ropes to promote fitness.  The school associates with Jump Rope for Heart so when the students got their rope they were told to put it in the shape of a heart while they listened to further instruction.  This is great awareness for the program.  The students would jump rope while listening to music before stopping and practicing a different component of fitness.  For example, they would go over muscular strength & endurance while the students practiced push-ups and sit-ups.  When they took another break, different types of stretches were included to inform the students about proper flexibility.

The students were told to count the total number of jumps they completed and not the consecutive number.  It is important to not include the consecutive number because it allows for students to practice correct form and students do not feel bad when they can only get a few consecutive jumps in a row.  I demonstrated for the Kindergarten class how to do correct jumping jacks.  I was told that my voice level was fine which was something I was concerned about, but the language I used was not appropriate.  The students had trouble understanding a few of the words that I used.  I have to remember next time that when talking to the younger students to use words that they will understand.

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