Monday, September 12, 2011

A Full Week Begins

Today began my first full week as a teacher in the elementary school.  It was the first day where we had this group of students because of the block scheduling.  It was a busy day since these classes were not able to go over classroom management routines last week.  The third grade class was the first class and they were the only class that had time to use the jump ropes. 

Fourth and fifth grades were also unable to partake in any activities as well.  After going over the rules & routines for the class, they were then spoken to about an outdoor education trip they will be participating in sometime in the future.  As a future educator I have to make sure the key components of the lesson that was missed today will be taught in the next class so my students do not miss out.

For the younger students in grades K-2, they were also a victim of not having enough time to use the jump ropes.  The teachers had a backup plan of different exercises the students could do such as jumping jacks, push-ups, and others.  What were most important about these exercises were the cues the teachers used to help the younger students.  For example, when teaching jumping jacks they used "Apart, together," as the two cues.  They would then progress into performing actual jumping jacks, going slow while the teacher recited the cues.  When the students were ready he'd make them say the ABC's while they were performing jumping jacks.  This is a great way to incorporate classroom curriculum into Physical Education.

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