Thursday, March 4, 2010

SAVE Workshop- Be Prepared For Anything

Today I attended the SAVE workshop. SAVE stands for "Safe Schools Against Violence in Education." The workshop was very useful. One of the most important factors that I re-learned in the workshop was about teachers being mandated reporters. This means if a teacher has to report any acts of violence that may have happened with a student, or if he/she suspect violence has occurred. It's an important factor in teaching, and an unfortunate one that as a teacher, I have to be prepared for. One of the stories that I heard was about a teacher who didn't report a student who came in with bruises on his face. Unfortunately, that student passed away. The teacher then went to jail for not performing her duty as a mandated reporter.

Another factor learned is to know the evacuation or lockdown plan for whatever building you may be teaching in. Most teachers, when they have a full time job, know the emergency action plans. However, a good point was made about student teachers. Some student teachers don't know the emergency action plan. This is important because if the teacher steps out of class, you must know the appropriate actions to ensure the safety of the students. This is why when we student teach, it's important to read the Code of Conduct, and not just skim through it.

Youth violence is one of the most important factors involving our youth today. It's unfortunate, but again, something that as teachers, we must have an emergency plan for. Most of us plan on having children someday. I know that I want the teachers in his/her school to be prepared incase of an emergency. Students should feel safe in a school environment.

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