Friday, March 12, 2010

Dinosaurs Rule at St Mary's

This week in lab was the first week that I was able to work with the pre-school students. I have to say that this week was one of my favorite labs thus far. I started off reading to the pre-school students a book "The Land Before Time." At first only two students were listening to me read, but as the story progressed, three more students came over. I had to make sure that I acted like the book I was reading was an exciting story. I would try to get the students involved by exaggerating some of the more exciting scenes in the story. The students enjoyed what I had read to them so much, that they asked me to read to them again.

I was then asked to read to both Pre-K classes. Again, I made sure to show enthusiasm while reading the story, as it makes the students pay attention and enjoy the story even more. There was songs in the story, and I would have the students sing the song after I had sang it. I felt that I did a good job this week, as most of the students were paying attention, and seemed to be into the story that I was reading. I feel that the advice that I had received in the previous weeks was a big help this week. The advice to make the children want to be involved in whatever activity you're involved with. If I had just read the book, with the same attitude that I would have if I was reading a chapter in a textbook, they wouldn't have wanted to hear the story.

The moment I was most proud of was when I got a student to participate in the final activity. This student, L, didn't want to seem to participate at all, but I acted as if I would be upset if she didn't participate. This made her want to participate since I potrayed myself as being upset if she didn't. This was one of the better labs this past week. I felt that the lab preparation was a big help the week before. I was able to obtain advice from Dr. Yang and other lab assistants, which helped out this past week. I didn't do much differently, but I felt a lot more prepared this week. I feel as if now I've gotten used to going over to the school, and feel comfortable around the students. It was great to see the students having a good time, which made me feel good. It's an important factor that the students are having fun. If they aren't, chances are you as an instructor aren't either. Well, the good instructors aren't.

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  1. You did excellent this week reading to the students! You invited to students to participate in the story which made them more interested. It was great that you were able to get students to participate even when they didn't want to. Great work this week!