Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Bunny's Hopping at St Mary's

Today was our fourth lab at St Mary's. I was a part of the Special Projects group, so I didn't lead in an activity until the very end of the lab. The game I chose was Sneak Attack, and I felt I did a pretty good job leading the activity. I feel that I used a strong hook to attract the students to play the game. I used an example that mentioned how the Easter Bunny has to sneak into all the houses, and how he's very quiet when he does so. This game had a lot of success at the summer camp I worked at, so that's why I decided to use it here. It is a challenging game to learn, so I made sure that I had the other member of my group, as well as the lab assistant for our group help me demonstrate. I felt that the demonstration worked really well. The reason for this is because the students started to play the game during the second demonstration. It's important to demonstrate, so that way the student's see first hand what the activity will be like.

I participated with the student's in the beginning to get them into the game, as well as being the "administrator" type figure for the game. There were a few things I could've worked on. For starters, I think that I shouldn't have done the second demonstration. This is because the children were anxious to play in the game, and just started playing. It's good that they want to participate, but it also showed that I should've just left it at one demonstration. Another thing I could've improved on, as I was told by one of the lab assistants was my voice. Students are always going to be loud, so I have to be even louder when explaining instructions so they can hear me. It's one of the most important factors in Physical Education, having a loud voice so everyone can hear you. Other than that, I felt that the game went really well, and it was the previous experiences at St Mary's that helped me here.

As part of the Special Project's Group, my group had to hang posters with the thank you collages on them. It was a good experience doing an arts and crafts type of program today. One of my weaknesses when I worked at the camp was Arts & Crafts. There was one day where the woman who ran Arts & Crafts wasn't there, so I had to come up with a project. The project I chose wasn't a very good one, as it included campers decorating the rocks, calling them "Pet Rocks." This experience with the collages have given me an idea that I can use in case that situation happens again this summer. I can also use this when I someday become a teacher as well.

It was important that we do these collages for St Mary's school. It's important we show them our appreciation, as they let us gain experience in their school. They don't have to allow us to come to their school, but they give us an opportunity to do so. As students, we at least have to take a little time in our lives to say thank you. We're given an opportunity to learn and gain experience first hand. This is something that you just can't learn in a classroom.

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