Thursday, February 25, 2010

Second Day of a New Beginning (Orig Date Jan 26 2010)

Today was my first day of class for Motor Development. It was different that most first days of classes. Most classes on the first day, we usually watch a video, but instead, we watched a short five minute video. The video had clips of Physical Education students at Cortland participating in various activities with younger children. One of the most important factors that I noticed in the video was that both the students and children were smiling. It's important to teach motor skills to the young children, but it's also important that they are having a good time while learning.

I work at a summer camp, and I was what they call a group leader. I ran a different station each day, and picked the activity for the children to participate in. I always made sure that no matter what the game was, that I was always smiling and enjoying the game. It's important to do this because if a student sees that you aren't having a good time, then chances are they won't either. Students, especially in the elementary age group, look up to their teachers and instructors. Therefore, if a student, or in my case, a camper, sees that I think the game is fun, they will want to participate in the game as well. Always take pride in what you do, and enjoy what you do.

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