Tuesday, May 4, 2010

St Mary's SuperHeroes to the Rescue

This week was our final experience at St Mary's. I was glad that for the last week I got to work with the Pre-K students as I had the best experience working with them during the Dinosaur Train lab. I found out when I got there that my lab group, Three's Company, would be split up this week. Dan and Holly stayed inside with one group, as I went outside with the other group. I had a great experience with the students, and I wasn't even leading any activities. The Pre-K students just wanted to run around, and play some of their games. It was a good experience and change because I got to learn even more what the students liked and disliked. I feel that the Superman shirt helped this week, as it hooked the students into participating.

We then went inside. I got the privelage again to read to the students. The book was called "Super Guinea Pig to the Rescue." The students were hooked, as many of them were interested in the story. I knew this especially because students were complaining that they couldn't see the pictures. While it's never good to hear students complaining, it felt good to know that they were interested in what I was reading. It's always nice to read to the students, as it's a change in a different environment. We're usually leading psychomotor activities that require a lot of physical work, but it's also nice to be in a classroom setting reading to students.

After I read to the students, I led the students through an obstacle course. It went alright, as the students were involved in the beginning of the course. A few older students came over as well, but I did two things wrong with this activity. One, it was too long for most of the students. The students were bored with the activity after a while, as I put too many items for the students to put in the hoop. The other thing that I did wrong was the way I presented the directions to the game. I wasn't clear enough, as I wanted the game to start due to time restraints. I should've slowed down with the instructions this week, and shortened the game. I felt the activity was good, but it could've been great.

I am glad that I got to do this experience down at St Mary's. I learned a lot about myself, and I got to gain experience with the students. I have seen myself progress from when I first walked in there, and I learned better ways to teach to children. This is important when I go out there in the future, gaining more experience, as I progress in my classes here. I feel that my job at the summer camp will be a lot better as well this summer, since I've learned better ways to present games to students. All I can do is to keep learning, and that's what I did every time I walked into St Mary's.


  1. Older students joining the Pre-K game is always a great sign because it means that the activity is fun and interesting. I'm glad you enjoyed your experience at St. Mary's this semester. It is sad to see the semester end but I am pleased with your growth through this experience. Keep up your hard work! Good luck in your 256 experience!

  2. Thanks Jenna, I could not have done it without you. Good luck in your 256 experience as well.